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KEY Egypt CDC spares no effort when it comes to developing the Egyptian society and finding a solution to the dilemma of unemployment. Looking closely and searching the labor market, KEY Egypt CDC found a major gap between the qualifications of job seekers and the requirements of the employers. This gap was caused and widened because the academic knowledge presented in schools and universities has been lacking relevance to the knowledge needed in the labor market. That’s why KEY Egypt CDC has accepted to take on its mission.

KEY Egypt CDC aspires to minimize the unemployment rates and push more towards the development of our society. Therefore, KEY Egypt CDC presents its students to both theoretical and practical knowledge, in order for them to utilize their potentials. KEY Egypt CDC empowers youths with such knowledge through Trainings, Development Activities and Entrepreneurship.


To achieve our targeted goal of minimizing the gap between the market requirements and our youths’ qualifications, KEY Egypt CDC had provided more than 40,000 training opportunities, by the end of 2013. Now, KEY Egypt CDC continues to widen its web of partners while enlarging its network of students and job seekers, through establishing expansions in youths’ centers as well as universities.

Holding trainings and workshops is one channel through which KEY Egypt CDC carries out its mission. Searching and evaluating different employers’ needs is a necessary first step that we take, in order to establish training programs aligned with the market requirements and equip youths the needed education.

Our trainings vary not only in topics, but also in approaches, presenting theory and practice through holding Character Building programs, Training for Employment tracks, Vocational trainings and Entrepreneurial programs.

Character Building training:

Acquiring academic knowledge and professional experience isn’t sufficient without owning the skills of presenting those qualifications in a C.V, and innovative ideas will never be delivered without having the skills to represent them. Hence, KEY Egypt CDC offers Character building programs.

Character Building in one of the main topics that KEY Egypt CDC pays special attention to and tailors different programs for it. As one of the most significant aspects that a job seeker has to develop and an employer looks for, KEY Egypt CDC provides its students with all needed trainings related to character building and soft skills.

Training for Employment Tracks:

Many employers search for talented employees among KEY Egypt CDC’s great network of students and alumni. Some of these job vacancies require certain qualifications that can’t be easily acquired. Therefore, KEY Egypt CDC designs a series of trainings that qualify our students to go through the filtration process.

KEY Egypt CDC offers Training for Employment Tracks that are especially designed to raise the qualifications of our students to a certain level required for certain job vacancies. This track offers its alumni job opportunities that need the same skills they would gain in trainings.

Entrepreneurial Programs:

Entrepreneurial programs are special trainings and workshops designed to equip our students with all the skills needed to be young entrepreneurs and start-ups. These programs teach our young entrepreneur how to use their potentials and innovative minds effectively and efficiently.

One of our most important entrepreneurial programs is the “Start Your Business” program, which is powered by the Social Fund for Development. This program trains the students to develop a proper business plan of their own project.

Development Activities:

KEY Egypt CDC takes social responsibility very seriously, that’s why KEY doesn’t spare any effort when it comes to developing the Egyptian society in different aspects. KEY Egypt CDC doesn’t fulfill its social responsibility through the enlightening of its students only, but it works to enhance our society through variable means.

Many development activities have been held by KEY Egypt CDC, such as Hand Crafts workshops held in Cairo University to teach underprivileged students a useful and easy craft. One of the most prominent development activities was donating trash bins to Fayoum University, which was a confirmation of the importance of maintaining our responsibility towards the environment.


The EJB is a dedicated association which strives to promote Entrepreneurship in Egypt among youth. Accordingly, the EJB adopted and developed the KEY program to become one of the most influential programs now.

KEY Egypt CDC runs many activities and events every year to enable youth and encourage them to put their potentials into good use and become great entrepreneurs. The GEW (Global Entrepreneurship Week) and KEY National Business Plan Competition are two of the most prominent events.

The GEW:

KEY Egypt CDC contributes, annually, in the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) as one of the most significant entrepreneurial events that’s internationally recognized. Held in November of each year, the GEW is a universal event when the whole world celebrates the great achievements of global entrepreneurs and motivates start-ups to become ones. Through different activities and events, the GEW promotes entrepreneurship.

KEY Egypt CDC joins the global parade through holding sessions and workshops, offering our students great opportunities and opening doors for them to become entrepreneurs.

KEY National Business Plan Competition:

In order to encourage our students to use the knowledge they acquired in class, KEY Egypt CDC holds a national Business Plan Competition on regular basis. KEY’s competition helps youths unleash their minds and develop innovative business ideas along with their full executive plans. Each Business Plan Competition is held, reveals amazing minds of young entrepreneurs and motivates them in order to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.