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Integrity Network Initiative

What is the EJB Integrity Network

 The EJB Integrity Network is a business-led collective action initiative aiming to change the way how business is done in Egypt.

It focuses on engaging SMEs in the fight against corruption by raising their awareness about the benefits of integrity and by building their capacity to tackle corruption related challenges. It also engages with other relevant stakeholders to support SMEs in their quest for more integrity and to strengthen a collective effort of countering corruption in Egypt


The Initiative thus aims to tackle corruption in Egypt in a two-fold approach:

  1. Increasing Integrity among SMEs by establishing a tailored anti-corruption standard (Integrity Pledge) and providing capacity building and training to SMEs implementing it.
  2. Building a surrounding network of partners that will advance integrity in the business environment by raising awareness and by providing support and incentives to SMEs committed to the Integrity Pledge.

The initiative is based on the belief that when companies establish internal practices individually and engage in a sustained process of cooperation with other stakeholders collaboratively, real “on-the-ground” impact can be achieved in the business landscape of Egypt.

Why the EJB Integrity Network

Corruption continues to be one of the biggest market failures. It impedes a just economic, political and social development of countries and societies, imposes added transaction costs on business, increases risk, makes business transactions less reliable and undermines fair competition and productivity.

The adverse effects of corruption thus have a severe impact on the private sector in Egypt. As SMEs account for approximately 80% of Egypt’s domestic economy and provide up to 75% of all private sector jobs, they are especially affected.

But SMEs also face significant and specific challenges when it comes to corruption. They often lack the resources to effectively address anti-corruption measures. They also face a high risk of being subject to extortion and often feel they lack alternatives to corrupt behavior in their daily business operations. To counter corruption in Egypt it is thus paramount that SMEs are engaging in this endeavor and, considering their constraints and challenges, are supported when doing so.

But individual, sporadic action is not sufficient to eliminate corruption. To improve the overall environment for doing business, a collaborative and sustainable process of collective action is needed.

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