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EJB History

The Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) is a non-governmental organization, one of Egypt's premium and most influential business associations, with over than 400 senior and highly successful businessmen and women from different sectors.

EJB main objective are business development, community development, networking and creating business match making between members. The EJB communicates its vision, mission and objectives across the country to all business-related entities including, but not limited to, Ministries, Business Organizations, Business Chambers, Industrial Chambers and Commercial Offices among others. Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) was founded in 1999 by a group of young business executives & entrepreneurs and was registered one year later to count a network of 600 prominent members between 25 to 45 years old representing various business sectors, allowing in excess of 290,000 job opportunities. Vision, Hope and Enthusiasm to achieve sustainable business environment was the basic ignition for EJB to stand today as one of Egypt’s most efficient and competent Business Associations.

EJB is positioned as one of the strongest, most influential business association in Egypt, with around 400 highly successful members from different sectors all sharing the same vision of reshaping a better, sustainable business environment. To accommodate a wider scale of members from different geographical areas, EJB inaugurated branches in Alex, Delta and Port Said in Q4 2012


EJB provides the platform that enables junior businessmen to lead the change in the Egyptian society, and to develop the culture of seeking excellence and moral commitment through structuring significant economic and social initiatives.


To hold a place of being the most distinguished business association that takes part in the enhancement of business environment and positively affects the Egyptian society.

EJB Core Values


We engage in all our activities with vigor, persistence, and Enthusiasm to achieve the overall objectives.


We strive to operate within a professional, structured, disciplined and sustainable framework that leads to outstanding achievements while promoting culture of excellence.


Taking a leading role in shaping the future and the welfare of our society. Being proactive, productive, and creating a sense of ownership and patriotism.


Creative approach and innovative mindset tackling challenges and unique initiatives.


Accountable Team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities under result oriented Committees collectively and consistently monitoring and evaluating goals.


We are highly committed to engaging in an ongoing dialogue both internally, between our members, and externally with all our Stakeholders striving to achieve common goals.